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IBM Watson IoT Platform

Cognitive IoT can bring intelligence into things, systems and processes so they can understand your goals, and then integrate and analyze the relevant data to help you achieve them. IBM® Watson IoT Platform offerings and ecosystem partners extend the power of cognitive computing to connected devices and systems, enabling enterprises, businesses, and individuals to harness this real-time data, compare it with historical data sets and deep reservoirs of accumulated knowledge, and find unexpected correlations that generate new insights to benefit business and society alike.

The IBM Watson IoT Platform has pre-integrated support for TI evaluation boards, enabling developers to quickly begin prototyping IoT applications.

IBM Watson IoT Platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to build and deploy apps for IoT devices, sensors and gateways. It provides solutions for device registration, connectivity, control, rapid visualization and storage of data derived from the IoT. When combined with the IBM Bluemix® environment, and access to secure Watson APIs, the platform allows you to integrate and analyze predictive, cognitive, and contextual analytics for stronger decision-making.

Key IBM Watson IoT features include:

  • Provides connectivity for IoT devices, networks and gateways.
  • Leverages robust analytics capabilities and Watson IoT APIs.
  • Helps manage risk and security of applications and devices within an IoT ecosystem.
  • Provides information management services for structured and unstructured data, from devices, people, and the world around us.


What it can do for your business

With guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, you can interact with data conversationally to get answers you understand. Whether you need to quickly spot a trend or you have a team that needs to visualize report data in a dashboard, Watson Analytics has you covered.

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Use your own words to discover

Add or connect to data and instantly get a list of interesting starting points on your desktop or iPad. Type a question and get insights you understand whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Find what drives your business

Surface new patterns and trends and see the factors most likely to influence business outcomes and the math behind the findings. You’re now ready to act—confidently.

Display your findings

Simply choose a template and add the visualizations and insights you want your audience to understand. Now you’re ready to make your point.

Analyze trusted data

Data for analytics comes in many forms. Now you can make sure it’s in synch, whether you’re exploring, predicting or assembling. And, that equals trust in your insights.