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Why Outsource Software Testing?

Every software development project must incorporate software testing. Changing requirements too often paired with a faster software development lifecycle increases the hazards of releasing a product before it’s ready for the market. The cost of finding and fixing bugs in software that is deployed before its time can equal up to 50 percent of the total project cost.

When you engage an independent team of QA professionals to do the job, irrespective of the project’s scope and frequency of testing needs, it can save you precious time and money. Galvanizing and maintaining an in-house team of QA engineers demands time and resources. You can save your business money and hassle by outsourcing your QA needs to the professional staff at vSource Software Solutions.

Reduced Cost

Your direct staffing expenses are reduced when you choose vSource Software Solutions. When you have a top quality product your net earnings are also increased because you have more satisfied customers once the product hits the marketplace. You can save up to 75% compared to in-house costs when you migrate your QA & Testing function to an offshore vendor like vSource Software Solutions.

Independent QA vs. Development-Integrated QA Outsource Software Testing?

The software quality assurance function can be implemented in two ways. With the first approach, QA and development team are independent of each other, i.e., the independent QA team reports directly to the customer. The second approach has QA integrated into the development team, i.e., the QA team answers to the software development project manager who makes the final decision at difficult junctures.

All too often sufficient testing is overlooked with software products developed in-house or products that have a drawn-out development history. We believe that when a business hires an independent QA team they get better results and a precise software quality assessment.

At vSource Software Solutions, we make it easy for you to get started with an independent QA team. Our team of professionals can help you evaluate the many benefits to your business.

Alternatively, if you are already using an vSource Software Solutions development team, we believe that your product’s quality will be vastly improved by integrating QA resources into the Agile team. With this approach, we save you money by detecting and repairing problems earlier.